Captus Press Inc is one of Canada’s leading publishers of textbooks for post secondary education, scholarly works, professional books and online course resources. Captus Press was founded in the early 1980s to produce high quality textbooks for universities and colleges and now has over 150 titles in print. At Captus Press, every publication reflects quality and innovation.

Captus Press selects publications for their contribution to the instructional or scholarly literature in their fields and their "fit" with our innovative publishing mission. Captus titles cover a range of subject areas, including business, finance, accounting, law, aboriginal and social issues for post secondary instruction as well as professionals. There are also selected non-fiction titles for the general reader.

Our in house production team designs and typesets with a state-of-the-art page-imaging system that allows traditional print runs as well as "print on demand" for customized editions.

Marketing in North America is accomplished through direct contacts, insert and journal advertising, direct mail, and web advertising; while international promotions and distribution is often brokered through co-publications or distribution agreements with international publishers. Sales fulfillment from our own warehouse facilities ensures prompt order servicing.

Online Learning

Over the years, Captus Press has expanded its traditional textbook publishing program into online course development. In 1997, Captus developed and hosted a groundbreaking Internet based course for York University. This was the first university Internet course with a full complement of multimedia lectures developed in North America. Captus Press has since designed and created more than 100 educational websites for over 40,000 participants on behalf of various professional and post secondary participants over the past 10 years.

For Captus, publishing online learning materials means developing the Web content (which can include conversion or adaptation of existing intellectual content in traditional media), hosting it on a custom-designed website residing on our server, giving full technical support, and fulfilling administrative functions for the learning provider such as processing participant registrations and course payments through our secure e commerce website; and measuring performance through quizzes and examinations.

To facilitate the development of Internet learning content, Captus developed a unique online course template and learning platform into which the content of learning programs can be placed. This course design has evolved from careful attention to user feedback, and the implementation of continuous improvements to optimize learning outcomes and participant satisfaction. Key to Captus' success has been a very conservative approach to user hardware, software and bandwidth requirements, and a policy of 100% technical support to all course participants. An in house multimedia Web server and e commerce site enables Captus to manage all aspects of our business with the care and attention that can only be maintained by not having to rely on commercial ISP's and other external suppliers for critical functions.

For more information about any of our publications or our company, contact us at:

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We publish the following types of books:
Scholarly Books (Peer-reviewed)
Professional Books
Non-fiction Trade Books (in limited, selected markets)
Custom-published, Course-specific Textbooks
Multimedia Internet Courses and Online Examinations
For information on submitting your manuscript or book proposal, to view the Subject Areas we publish under, or to fill out an Author/Editor Questionnaire, see the section entitled 'Manuscript Submission'.
Manuscript Development
Layout and Design (hard- and soft-cover books)
Marketing and Promotion
Direct Sales
Captus Press Inc. publishes traditional and on-line textbooks, scholarly works, professional books, software, and books for the thoughtful reader. Our team of dedicated, experienced professionals create quality publications that reflect value and innovation. The centralization of design, imaging and page production on our network means that all publications remain accessible for custom paper or electronic editions with minimum delay.

Our production services are fully supported by the marketing force with direct marketing and promotional campaigns, as well as collaborations with other publishers and distributors across North America and throughout the world. Order fulfilment directly from our own facilities is fast and accurate to ensure the timely delivery of contemporary publications.