I.          Law in Context

Overview of Part I

   1.      Social Context: Law in Social Life

                                                                (a)            The Functions of Law (Edward Adamson Hoebel)

                                                               (b)            The Cheyenne Way (Karl N. Llewellyn and E. Adamson Hoebel)

                                                                (c)            Conflicts as Property (Nils Christie)

   2.      Cultural Context: Legal Cultures in Canada

                                                                (a)            The Environment of Canada’s Judicial System (Peter H. Russell)

                                                               (b)            By Reason of Authority or By Authority of Reason (The Honourable Madame Justice Claire L’Heureux-Dubé)

                                                                (c)            Societal Norms Offer a Frame of Reference (Gérard Bouchard and Charles Taylor)

                                                               (d)            Living Law on a Living Earth (John Borrows)

   3.      Constitutional Context: Law, the State, and the Constitution

                                                                (a)            Reference re Secession of Quebec

                                                               (b)            Roncarelli v. Duplessis

                                                                (c)            Reference re Firearms Act (Can.)

                                                               (d)            Judicial Review (Benjamin L. Berger)

                                                                (e)            Museums as Constitutions: A Commentary on Constitutions and Constitution Making (Stacy Douglas)

   4.      Global Context: The Transnational Influence of Law

                                                                (a)            Baker v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration)

                                                               (b)            Rethinking the Relationship Between International and Domestic Law (Armand de Mestral and Evan Fox-Decent)

                                                                (c)            Prosecuting Mass Rape: Prosecutor v. Dragoljub Kunarac, Radomir Kovac and Zoran Vukovic (Doris Buss)

                                                               (d)            Abdelrazik v. Canada (Foreign Affairs)

II.         Looking at Law: Different Lenses for Law and Legal Studies

Overview of Part II

   5.      Law, Morality, and Justice

                                                                (a)            Tragic Choices (Patrick J. Fitzgerald)

                                                               (b)            R. v. Dudley & Stephens

                                                                (c)            R. v. Latimer

                                                               (d)            Law and Morality (Lord Patrick Devlin)

                                                                (e)            R. v. Butler

                                                                (f)            R. v. Labaye: The Fogginess of “Increased” Causality in Obscenity Law (Richard Jochelson)

   6.      Law, Liberalism, and Its Critics

                                                                (a)            Christie v. York Corp.

                                                               (b)            Delgamuukw v. B.C.

                                                                (c)            Racially Based Jury Nullification: Black Power in the Criminal Justice System (Paul Butler)

                                                               (d)            Perpetuating the Cycle of Abuse: Feminist (Mis)use of the Public/Private Dichotomy in the Case of Nixon v. Rape Relief (Ummni Khan)

   7.      Connecting Law and Society

                                                                (a)            Taking Law and             “The Law” Really Seriously: Before, During and After (Carrie Menkel-Meadow)

                                                               (b)            Subverting Orthodoxy, Making Law Central: A View of Sociolegal Studies (Roger Cotterrell)

                                                                (c)            Socio-legal Scholarship in Canada: A Review of the Field (Harry Arthurs and Annie Bunting)

III.        Making Law: Judicial Decisions and Legislation

Overview of Part III

   8.      Judicial Decisions and the Common Law

                                                                (a)            Precedents, Statutes and Legal Reasoning (F.L. Morton)

                                                               (b)            The Doctrine of Precedent (Patrick Atiyah)

                                                                (c)            This Case System: Precedent (Karl Llewellyn)

   9.      Interpreting Legislation

                                                                (a)            Re Rizzo & Rizzo Shoes Ltd.

                                                               (b)            R. v. Mills

                                                                (c)            The Law Wishes to Have a Formal Existence (Stanley Fish)

IV.       Law, the State, and Citizens

Overview of Part IV

10.      Citizenship: Who Belongs? Who Is Protected?

                                                                (a)            Henrietta Muir Edwards et al. v. Canada (A.G.)

                                                               (b)            T.H. Marshall and His Critics: Reappraising ‘Social Citizenship’ in the Twenty-first Century (Ben Revi)

                                                                (c)            The Exploitation of Vulnerability: Dimensions of Citizenship and Rightlessness in Canada’s Security Certificate Legislation (Christine Wilke and Paula Willis)

                                                               (d)            Citizenship as Capital: The Distinction of Migrant Labor (Harald Bauder)

11.      Protecting Rights: Inside and Outside the Constitution

                                                                (a)            The Somerset Case (U.K. National Archive)

                                                               (b)            Baker v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) [Revisited]

                                                                (c)            The Concept of Human Dignity (Pierre Elliott Trudeau)

                                                               (d)            It Takes A Vision: The Constitutionalization of Equality in Canada (The Honorable Claire L’Heureux-Dubé)

                                                                (e)            Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Contradictions and Challenges (Aki-Kwe/Mary Ellen Turpel)

V.        Law, Crime, and Social Order

Overview of Part V

12.      What Is Crime?

                                                                (a)            Law, State, and Class Struggle (Alan Hunt)

                                                               (b)            Impacts of Criminalization on the Everyday Lives of People Living with HIV in Canada (Barry D. Adam, Richard Elliott, Patrice Corriveau, and Ken English)

13.      The Criminal Law Process

                                                                (a)            The [Nova Scotia] Royal Commission on the Donald Marshall, Jr., Prosecution (Royal Commission on the Donald Marshall, Jr., Prosecution)

                                                               (b)            Understanding Over-representation (Commission on Systemic Racism in the Ontario Criminal Justice System)

                                                                (c)            Crown Culture and Wrongful Convictions: A Beginning (Melvyn Green)

                                                               (d)            Expanding Victims’ Rights in the Charter Era and Beyond (Joan Barrett)

                                                                (e)            The Limits of Restorative Justice (Kathleen Daly)

VI.       Law, Economy, and Society

Overview of Part VI

14.      Regulating Economic Relationships

                                                                (a)            Max Weber on Law and the Rise of Capitalism (David M. Trubek)

                                                               (b)            Rudder v. Microsoft Corp.

                                                                (c)            Be Careful What You Click for: An Analysis of Online Contracting (Rachel S. Conklin)

                                                               (d)            Law, Cyberspace and the Role of Nation States (Michael Mac Neil)

15.      Regulating Personal Relationships

                                                                (a)            Donoghue v. Stevenson

                                                               (b)            Childs v. Desormeaux

                                                                (c)            Pettkus v. Becker

VII.      Dispute Resolution

Overview of Part VII

16.      Negotiating and Bargaining

                                                                (a)            Non-Contractual Relationships in Business: A Preliminary Study (Stewart Macaulay)

                                                               (b)            Bargaining in the Shadow of the Law: The Case of Divorce (Robert H. Mnookin)

17.      Adjudication

                                                                (a)            The Judge and the Adversary System (Neil Brooks)

                                                               (b)            Science, Law, and the Expert Witness (Joseph Sanders)

                                                                (c)            Wrongful Convictions: Adversarial and Inquisitorial Themes (Kent Roach)

                                                               (d)            In the Cathedral (Franz Kafka)

18.      Alternatives to Adjudication/Alternatives within Adjudication

                                                                (a)            The Mediator and the Judge (Torstein Eckhoff)

                                                               (b)            Translating Justice and Therapy: The Drug Treatment Court Networks (Dawn Moore)

                                                                (c)            Collaborative Family Law and Gender Inequalities: Balancing Risks and Opportunities (Wanda Wiegers and Michaela Keet)

                                                               (d)            The Indigenous Peoples of Canada: Over-Representation, and the Colonization of Gladue (Jane Dickson and Sebastien Malette)

19.      The Debate over Use of Settlement-based Dispute Resolution Processes

                                                                (a)            Against Settlement (Owen M. Fiss)

                                                               (b)            For Reconciliation (Andrew W. McThenia and Thomas L. Shaffer)

                                                                (c)            Understanding the Critiques of Mediation: What Is All the Fuss About? (Neil Sargent)

VIII.     Access to Justice

Overview of Part VIII

20.      Access to Justice: Income Issues

                                                                (a)            Legal Services and the Poor (R.J. Gathercole)

                                                               (b)            Moving Forward on Legal Aid Executive Summary (Vicki Schmolka)

                                                                (c)            Small Claims Court Identity Crisis: A Review of Recent Reform Measures (Shelley McGill)

21.      Access to Justice: Procedural Issues

                                                                (a)            The Challenges We Face (Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, P.C.)

                                                               (b)            Access to Civil & Family Justice: A Roadmap for Change (Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters)

                                                                (c)            Civil Justice Reform The Toronto Experience (The Honourable Warren K. Winkler, Chief Justice of Ontario)

                                                               (d)            Access to Charter Justice and the Rule of Law (Carissima Mathen)

                                                                (e)            Legal Victory Still Leaves Rosa Becker Out in Cold (William Marsden)

IX.       The Personnel of Law

Overview of Part IX

22.      Lawyers, Advocates, and Legal Practice

                                                                (a)            Legal Education as Training for Hierarchy (Duncan Kennedy)

                                                               (b)            Canadian Legal Ethics: Ready for the Twenty-First Century at Last (Adam M. Dodek)

                                                                (c)            Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Social Constructionists? Or Shedding Light on the Unpardonable Whiteness of the Canadian Legal Profession (Charles C. Smith)

                                                               (d)            The Retention of Women in Private Practice Working Group Report Executive Summary (The Law Society of Upper Canada)

                                                                (e)            Will the Law Society of Alberta Celebrate Its Bicentenary? (Harry W. Arthurs)

23.      Juries

                                                                (a)            Justice and the Jury (W. Neil Brooks and Anthony N. Doob)

                                                               (b)            Morgentaler, Smoling and Scott v. The Queen

                                                                (c)            R. v. Williams

                                                               (d)            Two Conceptions of Representativeness in the Canadian Jury Selection Process: A Case Comment on R. v. Gayle (Emily Morton)

24.      Judges

                                                                (a)            Embracing Change: How NJI Adapts to the Changing Role of the Judge (Honourable Justice C. Adèle Kent)

                                                               (b)            The Meaning and Scope of Judicial Independence (Bora Laskin)

                                                                (c)            The Relationship Between the Courts and the Media (The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, P.C.)

                                                               (d)            Will Women Judges Really Make a Difference? (Justice Bertha Wilson)

                                                                (e)            R. v. S. (R.D.)

                                                                (f)            Re Conduct of Honourable Paul Cosgrove of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Canadian Judicial Council)

25.      Law Enforcement Personnel

                                                                (a)            Plural Policing: A Comparative Perspective — Canada (George S. Rigakos and Cherie Leung)

                                                               (b)            Police Investigating Police — Executive Summary (Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP)

                                                                (c)            Doe v. Metropolitan Toronto (Municipality) Commissioners of Police

X.        Law and Social Transformation

Overview of Part X

26.      The Charter of Rights and Social Change

                                                                (a)            Ardour in the Court (Rainer Knopff and F.L. Morton)

                                                               (b)            The Case for a Strong Court (Judge Rosalie Abella)

                                                                (c)            Beyond Self-congratulation: The Charter at 25 in an International Perspective (Louise Arbour and Fannie Lafontaine)

27.      Critical Perspectives on the Role of Law and Legal Personnel as Agents of Change

                                                                (a)            The Role of Law in Social Transformation: Is a Jurisprudence of Insurgency Possible? (Stephen Brickey and Elizabeth Comack)

                                                               (b)            Structure: The Mosaic of Dominion (Samuel Bowles and Herbert Gintis)

                                                                (c)            Introduction: The Healing Dimension of Restorative Justice — A one-world body (Dennis Sullivan and Larry Tifft)

                                                               (d)            Rwanda’s Troubled Gacaca Courts (Christopher J. Le Mon)

                                                                (e)            Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Settling the Past? (Kim Stanton)