1 Introduction

(a) Overview

(b) Historical Perspective

(c) Administrative Circles

(d) Administrative Law Case Analysis

2 General Principles

(a) Introduction

(b) Roncarelli

(c) Cooper

(d) Singh

(e) Quebec Secession Reference

(f) Black

(g) Dunsmuir

(h) Note on Dicey

3 Procedural Review: Fair Opportunity to Be Heard

(a) Introduction

(b) Cooper

(c) Ridge

(d) Nicholson

(e) Inuit Tapirisat

(f) Knight

(g) Wells

(h) Baker

(i) Dunsmuir

4 Procedural Review: Bias and Other Issues

(a) Introduction

(b) Crowe

(c) Consolidated-Bathurst

(d) St. Boniface

(e) Hofer

(f) Baker

(g) Blencoe

(h) Ocean Port Hotel

5 Substantive Review: Decline of Classical Review

(a) Main Forms of Review

(b) Metropolitan Life

(c) C.U.P.E.

(d) Paul l’Anglais

(e) S.E.P.Q.A

(f) How Much Formalism? ( H.W. MacLauchlan)

6 Substantive Review: Rise of Contextualism

(a) Introduction

(b) Bibeault

(c) Bradco

(d) Southam

(e) Pushpanathan

7 Substantive Review: Some Contemporary Issues

(a) Introduction

(b) Kruse

(c) Baker

(d) Suresh

(e) Dr. Q

(f) Dunsmuir

(g) Khosa

(h) Afterword

8 Constitutional Control: I

(a) Introduction

(b) Crevier

(c) Paul L’Anglais

(d) Singh

(e) Pearlman

(f) Irwin Toy

(g) Slaight

(h) Suresh

(i) Ward

9 Constitutional Control: II

(a) Introduction

(b) Martin

(c) Conway

(d) Eldridge

(e) Blencoe

(f) Lalonde

(g) Babcock

(h) Multani

(i) Dunsmuir

10 Legislative Reforms: Ontario, Federal Government,
and British Columbia

(a) A Three-Step Strategy of Reform

(b) Statutory Powers Procedure Act (Ontario)

(c) Judicial Review Procedure Act (Ontario)

(d) Adjudicative Tribunals Accountability, Governance and Appointments Act, 2009 (Ontario)

(e) Federal Courts Act

(f) Khosa

(g) Administrative Tribunals Act (British Columbia)

11 Other Statutory Review and Reforms

(a) Introduction

(b) Administrative Procedures and Jurisdiction Act (Alberta)

(c) Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act

(d) Quebec Code of Civil Procedure

(e) Civil Code of Quebec

(f) An Act Respecting Administrative Justice (Quebec)

(g) Okwuobi

(h) Systems and Reforms Outside Canada

( i ) French Administrative Law (L. Neville Brown and John S. Bell)

12 Tort Liability

(a) Note on Tort Liability of Public Authorities

(b) Cooper

(c) Roncarelli

(d) Welbridge Holdings

(e) Brown

(f) Cooper v. Hobart

(g) Odhavji

13 Some General Thoughts

14 Review

(a) General Principles—Chapters 1 and 2

(b) Procedural Fairness—Chapters 3 and 4

(c) Substantive Review — Chapters 5, 6, and 7

(d) Constitutional Control—Chapters 8 and 9

(e) Reforms, Other Systems, and Tort—Chapters 10, 11, and 12

(f) Fifteen Research Suggestions

(g) Electronic Sources

Selected Readings