Legal Issues In Electronic Commerce, 4e
Lynn Campbell (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-285-9 (2013)
$74.50 (US$74.50)

Criminal Law & Procedure: Proof, Defences, and Beyond, 5e
Jennie Abell, Elizabeth Sheehy  

ISBN 978-1-55322-296-5 (2014)
$62.50 (US$62.50)

Consumer Law, 3e
Cases and Materials
Margaret Ogilvie(Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-156-2 (2007)
$62.25 (US$62.25)

Just Between the Law and Us: Volume I
Persons and Property
Neil Sargent
, Logan Atkinson (Eds.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-232-3 (2010)
$51.75 (US$51.75)

Judicial Control of Administrative Action, 5e
David Elliott(Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-231-6 (2011)
$46.50 (US$46.50)

Critical Thinking
Jen McRobert
Business Law in Canada
Laurence Olivo


Readings in Law and Society, 8e


Tort Theory


Families and the Law, First Captus Edition
Mary Jane Mossman  

ISBN 978-1-55322-250-7 (2012)
$95.50 (US$95.50)

Obligations in Private Law
Brettel Dawson (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-252-1 (2012)
$57.25 (US$57.25)

Environmental Law and Policy in the Canadian Context
Allan Greenbaum Alex Wellington 

ISBN 978-1-55322-171-5 (2010)
$65.95 (US$65.95)

Introduction to Law in Canada
Laurence Olivo  (Ed.)

Women, Law and Social Change, 5e
Core Readings and Current Issues
Brettel Dawson (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-157-9 (2009)
$67.50 (US$67.50)

Accountability of Corporate Management
Lynn Campbell (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-276-7 (2013)
$72.50 (US$72.50)

Introduction to Public Law: Readings on the Law, State, and Citizen
on the Law, State, and Citizen
Nick E. Milanovic (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-300-9 (2015)
$39.75 (US$39.75)


Internet Law in Canada, 3e
Michael Geist

ISBN 978-1-55322-047-3 (2002)
$56.00 (US$56.00)

Law and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, 5e
David Elliott

ISBN 978-1-55322-095-4 (2005)
$51.75 (US$51.75)

Banking Law, 5e
Cases and Materials
Margaret Ogilvie (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-320-7 (2015)
$62.50 (US$62.50)

Introduction to Public Law: Readings on the Law, State & Constitution
Nick E. Milanovic (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-335-1 (2015 Forthcoming)
$45.50 (US$45.50)

Introduction to Legal Studies, 4e
Kazmierski, Dickson-Gilmore (Eds.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-228-6 (2010)
$72.50 (US$72.50)

Just Between the Law and Us: Volume II
Neil Sargent, Logan Atkinson  (Eds.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-233-0 (2011)
$41.25 (US$41.25)

Publications for Law and Legal Studies programs
Online multimedia learning content can be used as a standalone Internet Course or as a dynamic supplement to traditional in-class instruction.  All content contains a full set of multimedia lectures, progress quizzes and many other interactive tools.

Criminal Law & Procedure: Cases, Context, Critique, 5e
Jennie Abell, Elizabeth Sheehy , Natasha Bakht 

ISBN 978-1-55322-264-4 (2012)
$59.50 (US$59.50)

Persons and Property in Private Law, 2e
Brettel Dawson (Ed.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-286-6 (2013)
$56.75 (US$56.75)

Canadian Issues in Environmental Law and Policy
Allan Greenbaum (Eds.)

ISBN 978-1-55322-201-9 (2009)
$57.75 (US$57.75)

Small Claims Court Practice and Procedure in Ontario, Rev'd Edition
Laurence Olivo , DeeAnn Gonsalves  

ISBN 978-1-55322-288-0 (2013)
$81.50 (US$81.50)

Paralegals and Tribunal Practice and Procedure, 2e
Irv Ash  

ISBN 978-1-55322-238-5 (2011)
$52.50 (US$52.50)


Publications for Paralegal, Law Clerk, and Legal Assistant programs