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VOL. 6, NO. 2

Abstracts of Cases

The Blue Cross & Blue Shield/Columbia/HCA Sales Agreement: A Case in Ethics
Robert Bloom, John Carroll University, USA

Customer Service Technologies: IPO Accounting Method Choices
Hugh Grove and Thomas Cook, University of Denver, and Steve Coburn, TeleTech, USA

Cyto Technologies
Suresh S. Kalagnanam, University of Saskatchewan, Canada, and Suzanne K. Schmidt, Capitol Indemnity Corporation, USA

Earn a Lot Mutual Funds: A Compliance Auditing Case
Linda Specht, Trinity University, Karen Whitney and Linda O. Norman (former students of Trinity University), USA

On the Perceived Importance of Accounting Standards: Merkantildata ASA
Ole-Kristian Hope, Northwestern University, USA

Dimensions 100 Inc. — Operating Loan Proposals
Charles Mossman, University of Manitoba, Peter D. Sianchuk, Mount Allison University, and Robert Jones, Crocus Investment Funds, Canada

Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal
Johanne Turbide and Guylaine Houde, L’École des HEC, Canada

Noranda Mining & Exploration Inc.: Activity-Based Costing at Brunswick Smelting Division
Ronald Roy, Noranda Mining & Exploration Inc., and Elin Maher, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Risky Business
Jo Lynne Koehn, Central Missouri State University, Sandra Waller Shelton, DePaul University, and Marilyn Sagrillo, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, USA

Selgae Law Firm
Albie Brooks and Judy Oliver, Victoria University of Technology, Australia

Taking on Hollywood
Debra Kerby and Sandra K. Fleak, Truman State University, USA