Readings in Canadian Real Estate, 5e

Gavin Arbuckle, Henry Bartel   (Eds.)

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-55322-258-3 (2012)
546 pages, 750 g, 6 X 9, $64.50 (US$51.50)

Readings in Canadian Real Estate, 5e, is an excellent supplementary textbook for introductory courses in real estate. It provides simple and brief introductions for complete beginners, as well as some exposure to more advanced and specialized matters. Real estate practitioners, brokers, investment counselors, and other who are interested in a variety of real estate issues will find this book a valuable resource.

The fifth edition contains material on the economics of government housing and taxation policies in Canada, with specific articles detailing the role of direct government intervention in the housing market. Readings in Canadian Real Estate also offers commentary on the U.S. sub-prime mortgage crisis and the impact of information technology on the real estate profession. Many of the articles relating to practical issues in Canadian real estate markets, property valuation, and real estate practice have been updated to reflect current developments.

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1. Housing Policy


Canada’s Dual Housing Policy: Assisting Owners, Neglecting Renters

J. David Hulchanski


Decentralisation and Devolution in Canadian Social Housing Policy

Roberto Leone & Barbara W. Carroll


2. Macroeconomics


Demographics and Housing in Canada, 1978–1986

Henry Bartel, William L. Marr

& Douglas J. MCCready


Will the US Sub-prime Crisis Head North?

John T. Glen


Real Estate Volatility and Sunspots

William Lim

What Drives Housing Prices Down?

Evidence from an International Panel

Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Jan-Oliver Menz

& Boris Siliverstovs


3. Urban Economics


The Redistribution of Residential Property Values in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

Andejs Skaburskis & Markus Moos


Price-volume Correlation in the Housing Market: Causality and Co-movements

Jim Clayton, Norman Miller & Liang Peng


4. Real Estate Taxation and Policy


Property Tax Reform in Ontario: What Have We Learned?

Enid Slack.


User Charges or Property Taxes

Douglas J. MCCready


5. Real Estate Law


Outline of Real Estate Law

Gavin Arbuckle & Henry Bartel


Transfers of Limited Interests in Real Estate

Walter H. Posner



John Zeiler


Taxes and Tax Planning

Joanne E. Magee

6. Canadian Mortgages


Inflation, Housing Affordability and the Graduated Payment Mortgage

Henry Bartel & Alan Marshall


Outline of Real Estate Investment Trusts

Gavin Arbuckle & Henry Bartel


Reverse Mortgages: Supplementary Retirement Income

Henry Bartel, Michael Daly & Peter Wrage


7. Valuation and Appraisal


Commercial Real Estate Valuation: Fundamentals Versus Investor Sentiment

Jim Clayton, David C. Ling & Andy Naranjo


Effect of Environmental Factors on Real Estate Value

John T. Glen


The Development or Land Residual Approach

John T. Glen


8. The Real Estate Profession


Real Estate Brokerage

Walter H. Posner


 Real Estate Marketing: Concepts and Principles

Michael Rochon.


Real Estate 2.0

Michael Rochon

9. Ethics


A Brief Introduction to Business and Professional Ethics

H.A. Bassford


The Ethical Obligations of Real Estate Practitioners

Mark S. Schwartz.

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