Introduction to Human Resources Management

Monica Belcourt

"Introduction to Human Resources Management" by Dr. Monica Belcourt, the author of Canada's best-selling textbook on the subject. This course will help you understand how successful management of people at work or in voluntary organizations can lead to better working conditions and performance.

As you start this course, don't think of human resources management as academic subject to be learned and forgotten, but as an important body of knowledge to be used throughout your life. Everyone who is a coach, a volunteer leader, or a manager needs knowledge and skills in the art and science of managing people.

Multimedia Internet Course Features:

Listening & viewing Professor Belcourt’s online lectures
Presentation graphics synchronized with 18 hours of audio for an engaging discourse
Reading concise lecture highlights & completing progress quizzes at the end of each section
Using online study guide, leads students through the readings and other resources
Completing interactive assignments on-line
Relevant Internet links
Participating in Discussion Groups to share information, discuss course content, and answer questions posed by the instructor
Audio tape cassette version is also available