Training and Development

Alan Saks

Teaching students about the training and development process in organizations is the focus of this content. Students will learn how the training and development function fits within the larger organization and environmental context. They will also learn how to conduct a needs analysis and how to design and evaluate training programs. The overall goal is to provide a well-rounded approach to training and development that is applicable to students in human resources as well as those seeking careers in other areas of business and management.

Specific Learning Objectives:

1. To understand the role and function of training and development in organizations.

2. To understand learning theories and principles and their implications for the effectiveness of training programs.

3. To be able to identify training needs and objectives prior to the undertaking of training programs and to determine if training is a solution to performance problems.

4. To understand the issues and steps involved in designing and implementing a training program.

5. To understand the difficulties of transfer of training and how to overcome them and facilitate transfer of training.

6. To understand how to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs in terms of training criteria and evaluation designs.

7. To be able to evaluate the cost of training programs.

8. To be knowledgeable about the various types of training programs and management development.