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Six out of Nine Top Scorers in a recent NKE Exam Took this Course!

Bryan Webber, the first British Columbia candidate to score 100% on the NKE exam took this course!

"I found the Captus Press online study program for the NKE the best for me with all the practice exams. Anyway, using that method I scored 97% on the NKE." Quote from blog on

Your Updated National Knowledge Exam (NKE) Prep Course
The only online prep course that includes: interactive tutoring in a discussion board with our content expert; 28 hours of multimedia lecture presentations with review quizzes; diagnostic test and four practice exams. Both broad and in-depth coverage of the Competency Framework is provided with lots of feedback.

Note for Ontario residents taking the CKE: this prep course was not designed to prepare candidate's for Ontario's Comprehensive Knowledge Exam.

Multimedia Online Lectures and Practice Exam Questions on the Competency Framework Topics as follows:
We provide a guide for you to select these lectures by the Functional Topics of the Competency Framework
The Challenge of Human Resources Management
Strategy and Human Resources Planning
Equity and Diversity in Human Resources Management
Job Analysis, Employee Involvement and Flexible Work Schedules
Recruitment and Career
Employee Selection
Training and Development
Appraising and Improving Performance
Managing Compensation
Pay-For-Performance: Incentive Rewards
Employee Benefits

Safety and Health (updated contents)
Employee Rights and Discipline
The Dynamics of Labour Relations
Project Management Concepts for HR practitioners
Accounting & Finance for Human Resource Managers
*Human Resource Metrics
Research, Measurement and Evaluation

Information Technology for Human Resources Management
Employment Law

Special Features of the NKE Prep Course and Advantages over other Prep Courses

  • A customized study plan that starts with a diagnostic pre-test, which assesses your knowledge level, provides feedback, identifies areas that need revision and suggests sources for learning that content.
    Our Advantage: You can display (and print out) the entire test and diagnostic feedback document at any time on any computer for easy access to the topics you need to review!
  • Access 28 hours of interactive multimedia lectures available 24 X 7 Ė equivalent to about 75 hours of class time. References to textbooks are also provided to cover the additional content required for the competency framework.
    Our Advantage: More instructional content and any part of the lectures is available for access 24 X 7! You donít need to progress through parts that you donít need to review!
  • Interactive quizzes and progress tests with automatic feedback to monitor your learning progress through the lectures.
    Our Advantage: You can display (and print out) all the feedback documents!
  • 4 timed practice exams Ė 600 multiple choice questions.
    Our Advantage: Four practice exams provide you with 600 practice questions on the Competency Framework that is covered in the NKE! They are similar to the NKE questions in format and level of difficulty. (Please note that as no operator of a prep course is allowed to see the questions in the NKE, the practice exam questions in the prep course may not be very similar to the questions in the NKE.)
  • A moderated discussion board allows you to collaborate and form study groups with fellow prep course participants. Ask the content expert, Stephanie Milliken, questions on relevant issues and seek assistance.
    Our Advantage: Access to a content expert ensures you that all your questions can be answered. A totally pre-scripted course cannot do that!
  • Cost: New Registrations $295 plus GST (or HST) for 18 weeks
    Click here to extend your previous registration for $29 for each 4 week extension (within one year of registration)

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