Wealth Logic provides sound and practical knowledge for financial independence by renowned financial planning expert, Moshe Milevsky. Each of the 40 chapters contains a concise and clear lesson to change the way you view your finances, and to make the right decisions to build wealth and mitigate losses.

With his well-researched understanding of the nature and sources of financial risk based on statistical analysis — Milevsky answers critical investment questions, including:

  • Should you choose a fixed or floating rate for your mortgage?
  • Are women better investors than men?
  • Is it beneficial to pay off credit card debt with your savings?
  • When should you start saving for retirement and how much money will you really need?
  • Is a high MER justified by better performance?

The insightful answers to these and many other financial questions may be surprising. Wealth Logic stimulates you to think on a deeper level about your daily transactions. It reveals the personal risk management strategies behind them and helps you find the right balance between expenditure and investment.




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Moshe A. Milevsky is Professor of Finance at the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, and Executive Director of the Individual Finance and Insurance Decisions (IFID) Centre at the Fields Institute. His teaching, research and consulting focuses on investment management, personal finance and insurance. Moshe Arye is author of Money Logic: Financial Strategies for the Smart Investor (Toronto: Stoddart, 1999); co-author of two other books, Insurance Logic: Risk Management Strategies for Canadians (Toronto: Stoddart, 2002) and The Probability of Fortune (Toronto: Stoddart, 2000); editor of the Journal of Pension Economics & Finance (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) and contributing editor and popular columnist of the National Post Business magazine.