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VOL. 5, NO. 2

Abstracts of Cases

The ABC Company
Leif Sjoblom, IMD, Switzerland

Atlantic University: Continuing Education Division
Teri Jones, Columbia Bible College, Canada

The Auditor — Client Firm Negotiation Game
Gary Kleinman, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Dan Palmon, Rutgers University, USA

Aztec Equipment Corporation: Business Acquisition Decision
Hugh Grove, Tom Cook, and Gordon Von Stroh, University of Denver, USA

Bagwell Company
Gary D. Burkette and John F. Nash, East Tennessee State University, USA

Blue Hose Manufacturing Company
J. Lowell Mooney, Georgia Southern University, and J. Harrison McCraw and Noyan Arsan, both of State University of West Georgia, USA

The BMW Takeover of Rover
C. Hütten, Universität des Saarlandes, Germany, D.J. Collison and D.M. Power, both of University of Dundee, Scotland

Continental Development Corporation
Michael Ettredge, University of Kansas, and Peter R. Gillett, Rutgers University, USA

Hoteles y Aparthoteles Garden
Ahmad Rahnema, University of Navarra, Spain

Jessica O’Leary, Audit Partner: Married to the Firm?
Barry J. Bryan, The University of Memphis and David J. Kvapil, Southern Union Company, USA

Kowhai Products International Ltd.
Steven F. Cahan, Massey University, New Zealand

McCloskey Motors
Gary Spraakman, York University, Canada

National Co-Operative Distributor Limited
Ingrid Splettstoesser, York University, Canada

Northeastern Savings Bank
Robert Allen and James K. Loebbecke, University of Utah, USA

The High Cost of Low Prices at Phar-Mor
David M. Cottrell and Steven M. Glover, Brigham Young University, USA

Qualitative Analytical Procedures and Management Fraud: The Case of The Regina Company
Thomas G. Calderon and Edward J. Conrad, The University of Akron, and Brian Patrick Green, The University of Michigan — Dearborn, USA

Star Products, Inc.
William J. Cenker and Robert Bloom, John Carroll University, USA

"I Have Something to Say!" Symposium/95 (A) and (B)
Mary Heisz, University of Western Ontario, Canada