Copy Editing: Meeting Professional Editorial Standards
MPES Series

Editors’ Association of Canada     

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-55322-225-5 (2010)
172 pages, 9999 g, 8.5 X 11, $40.00 (US$32.00)

This hands-on resource covers the range of skills you will need to work as a copy editor, whether you are learning the craft or are an established professional wishing to check and broaden your knowledge. If you are a learner, use it on your own or create a study group with other copy editors. (And if you are a teacher, you may use it as a basis for a copy editing course. Classroom copies are available from Captus Press.)

The exercises and solutions were created and revised by experienced editors from the Editors’ Association of Canada. They recognize that learning to copy edit is an active process. The problems posed by the exercises and the discussion of options and techniques that form part of the solutions offer insights into the inspiration, patience, humility, and concern with detail that infuse good copy editing.

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The Editors’ Association of Canada produces this resource as a service to their members and to the publishing community. To learn more about the Editors’ Association of Canada, visit