Behavioural and Social Rehabilitation and Training, 2e

Roy Brown, Anne Hughson    

Captus Press / Chapman & Hall, ISBN 978-1-895712-24-7 (1993)
260 pages, 340 g, 6 X 9, $26.00 (US$26.00)

The subject of this newly revised, second edition is rehabilitation education, and concerns behavioural and social issues including competence training, learning, and adaptation of people who are disabled. The book starts from a basis in mental handicap and looks at a wide range of other disabilities such as visual impairment, learning disability, disorders of aging and mental illness. The authors bring research and practice together and provide rehabilitation practitioners and others in clinical psychology, educational psychology, social workers and counsellors concerned with rehabilitation with a set of guidelines which will assist them to develop a comprehensive model of behavioural rehabilitation.

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  • Chapter 1: An overview to Rehabilitation
  • Chapter 2: Psychological development and structure in rehabilitation
  • Chapter 3: The development of rehabilitation programme continua
  • Chapter 4: An integrated model of behavioural rehabilitation
  • Chapter 5: Assessment in rehabilitation
  • Chapter 6: Some neurological and behavioural concerns in rehabilitation
  • Chapter 7: Application of concepts to practice
  • Chapter 8: Rehabilitation vignettes
  • Chapter 9: Relevance of the model of service delivery systems
  • Chapter 10: Advocacy and professional practice



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Roy Brown, Ph.D., Professor and Dean of School of Special Education and Disability Studies, The Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia, is also Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology, University of Calgary, Canada. Through practice, research, writing, and teaching, he has developed programmes in the field of disabilities. He has worked in several countries, including consulting to UNESCO in South East Asia.

E. Anne Hughson, Ph.D., is Associate Professor in the Rehabilitation Studies Programme, Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Calgary. She is a psychologist specializing in disabled children and their families.