Banking Law, 5e
Cases and Materials
Canadian Legal Studies Series

Margaret Ogilvie    (Ed.)

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-55322-320-7 (2015)
614 pages, 1400 g, 8.5 X 11, $62.50 (US$50.00)


Banking Law: Cases and Materials, 5e contains the leading Canadian and English cases on Banking Law. Topics include the constitutional aspects of banking in Canada, the corporate structure of banks, directors’ duties, shareholders’ rights, “banking business,” the bank and customer relationship, accounts and account operations.


This volume is ideal for instructors, senior undergraduate students or practitioners in the areas of business law, ethics and management.

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I Introduction


1 What Is “Banking”?

(a) Constitution Act, 1867

(b) United Dominions Trust Ltd. v. Kirkwood

(c) Tennant v. Union Bank of Canada

(d) Re Bergethaler Waisenamt

(e) Canadian Pioneer Management Ltd. v. Labour Relations Board of Saskatchewan

(f) Bank of Montreal v. Hall

(g) Canadian Western Bank v. Alberta


II Banks as Corporations


2 Regulation

3 Incorporation

(a)                Bank Act


4 Corporate Governance

(a) Cappuccitti v. Bank of Montreal

(b) Verdun v. Toronto-Dominion Bank


III “Banking Business”


5 “Banking Business”

(a) Bank Act

(b) Central Computer Services Ltd. v. Toronto-Dominion Bank


6 Branch Banking

(a) Prince v. Oriental Bank Corporation

(b) Garnett v. McKewan

(c) Irwin v. Bank of Montreal

(d) Clare and Co. v. Dresdner Bank

(e) Royal Bank of Canada v. Boyce; Royal Bank of Canada v. Wildman

(f) Bank of Nova Scotia v. Gould

(g) Royal Bank of Canada v. Hein Real Estate Corp


IV The Banker and Customer Relationship


7 The Debtor–Creditor Relationship

(a) Foley v. Hill

(b) Joachimson v. Swiss Bank Corp

(c) Burnett v. Westminster Bank Ltd

(d) Armstrong Baum Plumbing & Heating v. Toronto Dominion Bank

(e) Royal Bank v. Holoboff

(f) Arab Bank Ltd. v. Barclays Bank

(g) B-Filer Inc. v. TD Canada Trust

(h) Re Farrow’s Bank, Ltd.


8 The Fiduciary and Tortious Relationships


(a) Woods v. Martins Bank Ltd

(b) Lloyds Bank Ltd. v. Bundy

(c) Standard Investments Ltd. v. C.I.B.C.

(d) Vita Health Co. (1985) Ltd. v. Toronto Dominion Bank


(e) National Westminster Bank plc v. Morgan

(f) Royal Bank of Scotland v. Etridge (No. 2)

(g) Bank of Montreal v. Duguid

(h) CIBC Mortgage Corp. v. Rowatt

(i) Bank of Montreal v. Courtney


(j) Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce v. Ohlson


(k) Hedley Byrne & Co. v. Heller & Partners Ltd.

(l) V.K. Mason Construction Ltd. v. Bank of Nova Scotia

(m) Sugar v. Peat Marwick Ltd.

(n) Rancan Fertilizer Systems Inc. v. Bank of Montreal


V Account Operations


9 Clearing and Settlement

10 The Paying Bank

(a) Marzetti v. Williams

(b) Carew v. Duckworth.

(c) Thermo King Corp. v. Provincial Bank of Canada

(d) Chambers v. Miller

(e) Gibbons v. Westminster Bank Ltd.

(f) Kpohraror v. Woolwich Building Society

(g) Villiers v. Bank of Montreal

(h) Advance Bank v. Toronto Dominion Bank.

(i) National Bank of Greece (Canada) v. Bank of Montreal

(j) Bills of Exchange Act

(k) Shapera v. Toronto-Dominion Bank

(l) Remfor Industries Ltd. v. Bank of Montreal

(m) Capital Associates Ltd. v. Royal Bank

(n) Toronto-Dominion Bank v. Pella/Hunt Corp.

(o) Keyes v. The Royal Bank of Canada

(p) A.E. LePage Real Estate Services v. Rattray Publications Ltd.

(q) RCL Operators Ltd. v. National Bank of Canada

(r) B.M.P. Global Distribution Inc. v. Bank of Nova Scotia


11 The Collecting Bank

(a) Stanley Works of Canada Ltd. v. Banque Canadienne Nationale

(b) National Slag v. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

(c) Re*Collections Inc. v. Toronto-Dominion Bank

(d) Canada Trustco Mortgage Co. v. Canada


12 Rendering Accounts

(a) C.P. Hotels Ltd. v. Bank of Montreal

(b) Le Cercle Universitaire D’Ottawa v. National Bank of Canada.

(c) Kelly Funeral Homes Ltd. v. C.I.B.C.

(d) Don Bodkin Leasing Ltd v. Toronto-Dominion Bank

(e) S.N.S. Industrial Products Limited v. Bank of Montreal

(f) United Overseas Bank v. Jiwani

(g) Holland v. Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Co.


13 Keeping Secrets

(a) Tournier v. National Provincial and Union Bank of England

(b) Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce v. Sayani

(c) R. v. Lillico

(d) Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

(e) Guertin v. Royal Bank of Canada


VI Accounts


14 Appropriation and Set-off

(a) Devaynes v. Noble; Clayton’s Case

(b) Re Ontario Securities Commission and Greymac Credit Corp.

(c) Law Society of Upper Canada v. Toronto Dominion Bank

(d) Deeley v. Lloyds Bank Ltd.

(e) City Discount Co. v. McLean

(f) Cory Brothers and Co. Ltd. v. The “Mecca”

(g) Re European Bank

(h) National Westminster Bank Ltd. v. Halesowen Presswork & Assemblies Ltd.


15 Joint Accounts

(a) Southby v. Southby

(b) Marshal v. Crutwell

(c) Hill v. Bank of Hochelaga

(d) Mathews v. National Trust Co. Ltd.

(e) Hill v. Hill.

(f) Re Reid

(g) Stefaniuk v. Toronto-Dominion Bank

(h) McIntosh’s Estate v. Kenny

(i) Shaw v. MacKenzie Estate

(j) Vokey v. Vokey Estate

(k) Bank of Montreal v. Hancock

(l) Bank of Montreal v. Vaillancourt

(m) Pecore v. Pecore

(n) Madsen Estate v. Saylor


16 Trust Accounts and Trust Obligations

(a) Banque Belge pour L’Etranger v. Hambrouck

(b) Arthur Andersen Inc. v. Toronto-Dominion Bank

(c) Citadel General Assurance Co. v. Lloyds Bank Canada

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