Beyond Basic Care
Special Education and Community Rehabilitation in Low Income Countries

Roy I. Brown, David Baine, Aldred H. Neufeldt  (Eds.)

Captus Press, ISBN 978-0-921801-95-5 (1996)
348 pages, 480 g, 6 X 9, $36.00 (US$28.80)

Beyond Basic Care contains an insightful introduction, well-researched and informative articles that are relevant to practitioners, students, and special education consultants. More than just a book about the basics of rehabilitation in a medical sense, or about primary health care, the programs and procedures discussed represent a second state of intervention, relating to the development of community-based rehabilitation and special education. The book describes methodologies and specific approaches that a range of professionals have found to be of value at a level of intervention beyond the provision of basic care. The focus of this work is education for people having special needs. The book is concerned with community rehabilitation and recognising the need for physical intervention. It also examines the behavioural, social and educational aspects of the rehabilitation process. Some of the papers discuss issues that are relevant to society at large, but which pertain specifically to countries that are economically and/or technologically less well-developed. Comprised of 16 chapters that cover topics ranging from special education in Asia to consulting in the Middle-East, this unique collection of articles about special education and rehabilitation in "developing countries" will be of benefit to individuals who are currently studying, researching, working in or aspiring to work in the area of rehabilitation.

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  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction (Roy I. Brown, David Baine & Aldred H. Neufeldt)
  • Special Education in East and South East Asia (David Mitchell & Yunying Chen)
  • Special Education in India (Jayanthi Narayan)
  • Developing Services for Young Children with Disabilities in South Pacific Countries (Penny Price)
  • Emerging from the Shadows: Fijian Children and Youth with Disabilities (Carey Denholm, Phil McGowan & Peter Tatham)
  • Roles and Relationships of Community-Based Rehabilitation in (Jamaica Marigold J. Thorburn)
  • A Valued Life In The Community (Roy McConkey)
  • The Deaf World (Robert Moulton, Jean F. Andrews & Marshall Smith)
  • Educational and Rehabilitation Aspects of Visual Impairments in Developing Countries (Paul M. Ajuwon)
  • Refugee Families in Developing Countries: Coping with Stress and Disability (Mitchell Clark)
  • International Perspectives on the Development of School Psychology and the Use of Educational and Psychological Tests (Jacqueline Lemmé Cunningham & Thomas Oakland)
  • Personal Involvement in the Development of Programmes for Persons with Disabilities (Franklin H. Silverman)
  • Consulting in the Middle East - A Personal Perspective (Rhona Davies & Peter R. Johnson)
  • Challenges to Rehabilitation - A Case Example (Roy I. Brown, Hatem Abu Ghazaleh & Aldred H. Neufeldt)
  • Introducing Changes to Educational and Rehabilitation Programmes in Developing Countries: Difficulties and Strategies (David Baine)
  • Financing Development Initiatives in Low-Income Countries (Aldred H. Neufeldt)
  • Contributors
  • Subject Index
  • Author Index

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Roy Brown, Ph.D., Professor and Dean of School of Special Education and Disability Studies, The Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia, is also Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology, University of Calgary, Canada. Through practice, research, writing, and teaching, he has developed programmes in the field of disabilities. He has worked in several countries, including consulting to UNESCO in South East Asia.

David Baine, Ed.D., Professor of Educational Psychology (Special Education), University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has worked as an educational consultant in many developing countries. Currently he is working on educational projects in South Africa, India and Siberia. He is author of Handicapped children in developing countries: Assessment, curriculum and instruction.

Aldred Neufeldt, Ph.D., former Director of the Allan Roeher Institute, Toronto, he is currently Associate Professor and Director of Behavioural Support Programme, Rehabilitation Studies, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has led a number of international projects particularly concerned with training and employment for adults with disabilities.