Speaking and Singing French
Lessons and Exercises for Conversational and Formal Pronunciation

Richard A. Hertel     

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-896691-43-5 (2000)
172 pages, 450 g, 8.5 X 11, $29.50 (US$29.50)

Speaking and Singing French is an engaging introduction to standard French pronunciation for students and singers studying French diction. This learning resource contains two components, a textbook and a multimedia Internet portion, that provide instruction in both formal pronunciation and conversational French. The multimedia component is a companion to the textbook. Divided into a series of lessons, the book teaches pronunciation by drawing attention to the division of words, the rhythm, and intonation. The book also includes written exercises, dialogues for practicing conversation, as well as song texts and translations.

After you have purchased the book, you can access the Internet multimedia by visiting http://www.captus.com/information/multi.htm. You then enter the registration number that is issued with the book, and a user ID and password will be sent to you by email that will give you four months access. The registration number is only valid once by the original owner of the textbook. Subsequent users may purchase access separately on the web site.

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