Creativity and Madness
An Interdisciplinary Symposium

J.D. Keehn    (Ed.)

University Press of Canada, ISBN 978-0-921801-08-5 (1987)
184 pages, 220 g, 6 X 9, $14.00 (US$14.00)

This contributed volume addresses the linkages between genius and madness in literature, painting, and politics. The volume includes descriptions and analyses of the lives of August Strindberg, William Kurelek, Edvard Munch, and Adolf Hitler. It is a book filled with stimulating material for the thoughtful reader.

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I. Introduction

  • 1. Creative madness (J.D. Keehn)

II. Literature and the Nature of Madness

  • 2. August Strindberg: Wrestler with the powers (Matthew Ahern)

    3. Insanity in the world of Dystopian fiction (David Davies)

III. Art and Creative Expression

  • 4. Kurelek's genius: Depression/Elation/Obsession (Patricia Morley)

    5. The structure of Edvard Munch's expression (Nancy Luxmore Keehn)

IV. Politics and the Power of Madness

  • 6. Hitler bewitcher or Hitler bewitched? (Martin Kitchen)

    7. Novelty and madness in Georgian England (W. Anthony Norton)

V. Psychiatry and the Treatment of Madness

  • 8. The people upstairs (Jennifer Dawson)


  • A degenerate's view of Nordau
  • G. Bernard Shaw

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J.D. Keehn is a physicist turned psychologist who was educated in England and the United States and currently teaches psychology at York University.