Adults with Down Syndrome
Together, We Can Do It

Patricia Lawrence, Roy Brown, Josephine Mills,  

Captus Press / Canadian Down Syndrome Society, ISBN 978-1-895712-28-5 (1993)
136 pages, 320 g, 8.5 X 11, $12.00 (US$12.00)

This book is about adults with Down Syndrome and discusses concerns of adulthood. Issues such as guardianship/trusteeship, vocational and residential options, relationships, marriage, and sexuality are included. Adults with Down Syndrome provides information, ideas and suggestions for practical consideration of the issues. The authors interviewed parents of children with Down Syndrome, people with Down Syndrome, and professionals who specialize in Down Syndrome.

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Section One: Early Adulthood

  • Introduction
  • Home Living
  • Guardianship and Trusteeship
  • Work and Employment
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Leisure and Social Activities
  • Social Integration, Friendship and Sexuality

Section Two: Young Adult

  • Introduction
  • Home Living
  • Work and Employment
  • Quality of Life and Lifestyle Planning
  • The Importance of Leisure
  • Well-being

Section Three: Adults 35 Years and Over

  • Introduction
  • Home Living
  • Work and Employment
  • The World of Leisure
  • Getting Older
  • Well-being
  • Epilogue
  • Parting Comments
  • Some National Agency Addresses
  • Checklists
  • Looking for a Living Arrangement
  • Things to Ask while Checking Out a New Home
  • Looking for Employment or Day Options
  • Talking with the Doctor


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Patricia L. Lawrence received her M.Ed with a specialization in rehabilitation in 1984. she is married with two grown children. One son is an environmental specialist. He is married with two children. The other son, who has a developmental disability, is an artist and his work is managed through a non-profit business which Patricia oversees. His work has been displayed in Brussels, Belgium; Washington, D.C.; Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver B.C. and in his home city of Calgary, Alberta. Patricia continues to sit on two boards of organizations which support people with disabilities and is active in the environmental movement.

Roy Brown, Ph.D., Professor and Dean of School of Special Education and Disability Studies, The Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia, is also Professor Emeritus of Educational Psychology, University of Calgary, Canada. Through practice, research, writing, and teaching, he has developed programmes in the field of disabilities. He has worked in several countries, including consulting to UNESCO in South East Asia.

Josephine Mills is the Executive Director of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. Ms. Mills is a physiotherapist by profession.

Irene Estay, M.Sc., obtained her B.Sc. in Psychology in Chile. she has worked as manager and consultant for the Alberta Family and Social Services for the past ten years.