Genie in the Lamp, The, 2e
Intelligence Testing Reconsidered

Michael Luther, Jack Quarter    

Captus Press, ISBN 978-0-921801-50-4 (1990)
168 pages, 250 g, 6 X 9, $23.50 (US$23.50)

This book presents a comprehensive discussion of intelligence testing and a critical examination of traditional methods. Case studies are employed to illustrate the authors' contentions of cultural bias and other limitations. Alternative modes of testing are suggested and contrasted with traditional approaches. Practising educators, educational psychologists, and students in these fields will find this text to be a valuable addition to the literature of intelligence testing as a textbook and reference work.

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1. What is Intelligence?

  • Binet: The Intelligence-Achievement Distinction
  • The Post-Binet Reinterpretation
  • Theory of General Intelligence
  • Measurement
  • Definition
  • Summary
  • References

2. Intelligence Tests: An Inside Look

  • Individual Intelligence Tests
  • Group Intelligence Tests
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Intelligence-Achievement Distinction Reappraised
  • Summary
  • References

3. Don't Rock The Boat, It Might Sink

  • Age-Related Changes in Intelligence Test Scores
  • Stability and Educational Programmes
  • Other Programmes to Improve Intelligence
  • Changes in IQ under Natural Environmental Conditions
  • Summary
  • References

4. The Genie In The Lamp: Predicting Future Learning

  • Prediction of Current School Achievement
  • Long-Term Longitudinal Studies to Predict Achievement
  • Short-Term Longitudinal Studies to Predict Achievement
  • Prediction of Occupation and Social Status
  • Summary
  • References

5. Cultural Bias In Intelligence Tests: Fair is Fair

  • Modern Scientific Racism
  • Poverty and IQ
  • Sources of Bias
  • Changing the Rules
  • Summary
  • References

6. Development Tests: Testing with a Difference

  • Roots
  • Piaget
  • Bender-Gestalt Test
  • Draw-a-Person Test (DAP)
  • Summary
  • References

7. Dynamic Assessment

  • The Soviet Approach
  • Dynamic Assessment in the West
  • Dynamic Cognitive Assessment in Israel: The Learning Potential Assessment Device (L.P.A.D.)
  • From Feuerstein to the Schools: Dynamic Academic Assessment
  • Summary
  • References

8. What's To Be Done

  • A Diagnostic Approach
  • Preventive Diagnosis
  • Preventive Diagnosis for Recent Immigrants
  • Clinical Intelligence Diagnosis: Premises
  • Clinical Intelligence Diagnosis: Practice
  • Educational Evaluation
  • Educational Classification
  • Summary
  • References

9. Changes In Assessment Practices

  • Selection of Tests
  • Changes in Practice
  • Changes in Testing
  • Changes in Reporting Results
  • References

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Dr. Michael Luther completed his bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies at York University in Toronto. A Registered Psychologist in private practice and a Supervising Psychologist at the Women's College Hospital in Toronto, he is also employed with the North York Board of Education as a School Psychologist and is a course director in the Department of Psychology and Faculty of Education at York University. His varied academic past experience includes Adjunct Professor at Nova University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at York University, Course Director (Social Science Division) at York University, and School Psychologist with the Ashdod Board of Education in Israel. Co-author of the book, Genie in the Lamp, Dr. Luther has presented papers at conferences and has lectured extensively on the misuse of standardized tests and labels. He is a co-founder and co-editor of the International Journal of Dynamic Assessment and Instruction