Theoretical Psychology: Critical Contributions - ISTP 2001

Niamh Stephenson, H. Lorraine Radtke, R. Jorna & H. J. Stam  (Eds.)

Captus University Publications, ISBN 978-1-55322-055-8 (2003)
470 pages, 820 g, 7 X 10, $54.00 (US$43.25)

Theoretical Psychology consists of a carefully selected, peer reviewed and edited collection of papers presented at the biennial conference of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology held in Calgary, Canada in 2001. Covering vital contemporary issues such as the problems of theory in practice, self and subjectivity, narrative, language, evolutionary theory, reductionism and other philosophical traps, this volume brings you up to date on the theoretical work of a large group of renowned scholars as well as new voices. The authors are international, representing not only psychologists from North America and Europe, but also from Asia and elsewhere in the world.

Each chapter is a well-written and concise representation of a critical and cutting-edge problem contributing to an overall but coherent collection worthy of continued reference for years to come.  It is an essential volume for academics, researchers, and practitioners from fields such as the history and philosophy of psychology, critical and social psychology, cognitive and organizational psychology, psychotherapy and counselling, as well as the psychology of health, gender and culture.

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Psychology in the Breach: The Importance of Being Earnest
Richard N. Williams

Psychology at Sites of Crisis
Gordana Jovanovic

Learning in Personal Trajectories of Participation
Ole Dreier

Power Plays and Critical Psychology: A Study of 'Race' and Racism
Stephanie Austin

The Politics of TechKnowledge: An Experimental Moment in Psychology
Ernst Schraube

From Production to Consumption: The Enunciation of a Shallow Psychology
Henderikus J. Stam

Why Knowledge Management Is (Cognitive) Psychology
René Jorna


Rationality and the Practices of Science: A Re-reading of Kant
Heather Silvestri and Gary Kose

Deconstructing Psychology's Quantitative Heritage: The "New Look" of Visual Parables
Bruce L. Brown, Suzanne B. Hendrix, and Richard N. Williams

Of Evil: Human Nature and Political Ideology
Leendert P. Mos

Psychology as "Politics by Other Means"
Kenneth J. Gergen

Applying the Spatial Critique to Theory in Psychology: Toward a Useful Third Space
Tim B. Rogers

The Multiplicity of the Brain, the Unity of the Soul and the Duality of the Mind: Can You Have It All the Way?
Robert W. Rieber

Significance and Fundamental Problems of the Philosophy of Psychology: With Some of Its Difficulties in Japan
Tsuneo Watanabe

The Quest for Self-identity and the Shortage of Conceptual Language: Some Paradoxes of Post-Soviet Philosophy
Natalia Avtonomova


Speculations on the 'Unthinkable' Boundaries of Identity and on Their Emotional Dynamics
Ciarán Benson

Archaeology and Contradiction: An Existential Critique of Foucault's Theory of Discursive Practice
Christopher Peet

Perpetuating Autonomy
Niamh Stephenson

Subject-science Research as Illustrated by the Problem of a Self-determined Life
Ute Osterkamp and Andrew Boreham

Agency and the Deconstructed Subject
Christina Hatgis

Rethinking Embodiment, Subjectivity and Agency
Arnd Hofmeister

Athletic Injury as Social Suffering: Shaping and Situating Experience
Erin Despard

Coming to an End: Subjectivity and Liberal Power
Dimitris Papadopoulos

Relational Subjectivity
Robert Kugelmann

Whatever You May Say I Am, You Are Another One: A Critical Reading of Lacan on Subjectivity and Identity
Aydan Gulerce

Reading Desire and Tracing the Subject in Lacan and Butler: The Problem of Ethics without Meta-Language
Kareen Ror Malone


Ricoeurian Hermeneutics of Time and Possibilities for Psychotherapeutic Narration
Angelina Baydala

Psychotherapy: Science, Myth, or Both
Gary Fireman and Gary Kose

Representation and Enactment in Autobiographical Narrative
Stanton Wortham

Autobiographical Remembering—From Noun to Verb
Julie Quinn and H. Lorraine Radtke

Human Experience and Narrative Intelligibility
Nhi Vu and Jens Brockmeier

Metaphor and the Nature of the Psychological
William E. Smythe

Analytic Work in a Second Language
Marta Bachino

Subject in Translation, Subject in Question
Akiko Motomura

The Mother Tongue as a Site of Foreignness and Immediacy Within Ourselves
Emilija Georgievska


Women and Leadership in the Legal Profession
Jennifer Hatfield and H. Lorraine Radtke

The Appeal of Violent Media Entertainment for Men
Jeroen Jansz

Men Crazy: Making Theories of Masculinity
Jill Morawski

Sites, Camera, Action: Contemplating the Relations Among Theory, Lewinian "Action Research" and a Community Health Intervention While Touring the Angkor Wat Temples
Ian Lubek and Mee Lian Wong

Discomfort in Research: Theorising from Dynamics Across Indigenous Settings
Jane M. Selby

Psychology, Suicide and Culture: A Postcolonial Critique
Tara L. Holton


Levels & Labyrinths: Learning about LTP
Maurice K. D. Schouten

Towards an Articulation of Stratification
Hans van Rappard

Interlevel Relations and the Prospects for an Evolutionary Psychology
Marko Barendregt

Psychology and Evolutionary Biology: Causal Analysis, Evidence, and Nomothetic Laws
René van Hezewijk

Evolution and the Many Faces of Psychology
Huib Looren de Jong

The Bogus Claim of Evolutionary Psychology
Wolfgang Maiers


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