Wealth Logic
Wisdom for Improving Your Personal Finances

Moshe A. Milevsky     

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-55322-053-4 (2002)
256 pages, 305 g, 5.5 X 8.5, $21.95 (US$21.95)

Written by Moshe Milevsky, a renowned finance expert and educator, Wealth Logic provides sound and practical knowledge for financial independence.

The book contains 40 chapters that can be read in sequence or selectively, allowing you to concentrate on the areas most relevant to your financial situation. Each of the clear and concise chapters will change the way you view your finances, and help you make the right decisions to build wealth and mitigate losses.

Based on rigorous statistical analysis, Wealth Logic answers critical investment questions and reveals the personal risk management strategies behind daily transactions to help you find the right balance between expenditure and investment.

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Introduction: Go Yell at Him

1. Invest Like a Woman   
2. Does Picasso Belong in Your RRSP? 
3. A Money-Back Guarantee on Your Mutual Fund?
4. Dollar-Cost Averaging: Emotional Panacea or Logical Fallacy?
5. How Much Should You Pay to Avoid MERs?
6. Mortality Swaps: A Free Dinner?  
7. Cloning with Derivatives   
8. Risk and Retirement    
9. Investing with Other People’s Money 
10. What Is Financial Risk?    
11. Are You an Active or Passive Investor?
12. Taxing Matters
13. Insurance: When and Why   
14. The Next Big Thing inWealth Management    
15. Managed Money’s Catch 22: Juiced Returns and Stale Prices  
16. Fund Fees and Frivolous Fights  
17. So, How Much Do You Really Need at Retirement?      
18. Are Options an Option?    
19. Owning a Piece of the Local Gas Station      
20. Stocks: In or Out (of the RRSP)?  
21. Mortgages: Fixed or Floating?  
22. Do Eggs Belong in Baskets?   
23. Longevity Insurance: A Product Whose Time Has Come?    
24. Hedge Funds: Do They Belong in Your Portfolio?      
25. Trading Day and Night    
26. Housing: Investment or Consumption? 
27. Car Leases and Hidden Options  
28. You Are Wealthier Than You Think 
29. Estates, Death and Taxes: To Insure or Not?
30. Credit Cards and Debit Dilemmas 
31. Mutual Funds: The Next Generation 
32. The Rush To Leave: Is There a Money Drain?   
33. Do You Want to Be Your Pension Fund Manager?     
34. Diversification: Is Anybody Listening? 
35. Ethical Investing: Can You Do Worse? 
36. Do Posted Rates Mean Anything?  
37. Mutual Funds Rankings: Should Taxes Matter?   
38. Investing in Education    
39. The Time and Value of Life Insurance 
40. Jewish High Holidays: A Time to Invest?

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Moshe Arye Milevsky, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Finance at the Schulich School of Business at York University, and is the Executive Director of the Individual Finance and Insurance Decision Centre, in Toronto. He has published over 30 scholarly research articles and is the co-editor of the Journal of Pension Economics and Finance. He is also the author of Money Logic: Financial Strategies for the Smart Investor, The Probability of Fortune: Financial Strategies with the Best Odds, and Wealth Logic: Wisdom for Improving your Personal Finances. In addition to his consulting activities for a variety of global companies in the financial services sector, Milevsky has lectured widely on the topic of pensions, investments and personal wealth management. He is an avid soccer player and opera connoisseur, and currently lives in Toronto with his wife Edna and three daughters. Visit his Web page at: http://www.yorku.ca/milevsky