Urban Biodiversity
Exploring Natural Habitat And Its Value In Cities

Valentin Schaefer, Hillary Rudd, Jamie Vala   

Captus Press, ISBN 978-1-55322-078-7 (2004)
342 pages, 620 g, 7 X 10, $38.00 (US$30.50)

While habitats around the world are being lost to pollution and development, an unexplored area of biodiversity still exists: the city. This is the premise of Urban Biodiversity, a fresh, innovative view on ecology that asserts that the urban setting is a useful environmental resource and an endangered species.

Authors Valentin Schaefer, Hillary Rudd and Jamie Vala reveal the effects of urbanization on biodiversity in three parts, starting with a general overview of ecology, continuing with an identification of natural habitats found within cities, and concluding with suggestions for improvement. Suitable for both academic or personal use, Urban Biodiversity serves to inform the reader about the precariously fragile environment, its beneficial qualities, and how we can all help to preserve what remains to sustain our ecology.

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Part 1 Nature in the City: Basic Concepts and Impacts

1. Some Basic
2. Urban Landscape and Urbanbiodiversity
3. Indicators of Urban Biodiversity
4. Urban Ecosystem Services
5. Valuating Nature’s Services of Small-Scale Plantings in the City

Part 2 Urban Habitats

6. Forests
7. Shrub Communities
8. Freshwater Landscapes
9. Open Spaces
10. Barren Landscapes
11. Paved Landscapes
12. Corridors
13. Garden Landscapes
14. Public Landscapes

Part 3 Improving Biodiversity

15. Suggestions for Increasing Biodiversity in Your Yard or Balcony
16. Agents and Tools for Protecting and Managing Urban Biodiversity
17. Case Studies
18. A New Urban Reality


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