Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development
Current Issue: Vol. 12, #2

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Captus Press / CANDO, ISBN 1481-9112 (1999-2022)
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The only journal of its kind in Canada, the Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development (JAED) provides a view of economic development from a uniquely Indigenous perspective.

Published jointly by Cando and Captus Press, the Journal is peer reviewed by a distinguished academic editorial board to ensure high quality Indigenous content. The Journal covers the following areas:

  • Learning from Experience
  • Lessons from Research
  • The State of the Indigenous Economy
  • Reviews of Current Books and Literature

JAED Call for Papers — Volume 13, Issue 1

Published jointly by the Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (Cando) and Captus Press, the Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development (JAED) is a peer-reviewed journal for practitioners and scholars working and researching in areas relevant to Indigenous economic development. Published yearly, the Journal is a unique resource for anyone interested in Indigenous community economic development. Its intent is to explore ideas and build knowledge in the field of Indigenous economic development theory and practice. The journal prefers a broad interpretation of research and knowledge and encourages a wide variety of contributions in this area.

Volume 13, Issue 1 of JAED will be published in Spring 2023 in preparation for the Cando 29th Annual National Conference & AGM to be held at Membertou Trade and Convention Centre near Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Download a copy of the Call for Papers HERE.

Deadline for Submissions is October 30, 2022.

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