Editors' Association of Canada Certification: Study Guide and Exemplars, vol. 1 [pdf]
Introduction and Elementary Knowledge of the Publishing Process

Editors’ Association of Canada     

Editors' Association of Canada, ISBN 978-0-9695265-3-7 (2006)
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On January 1, 2010, Editors' Association of Canada certification program changed to reflect the release of the revised edition of Professional Editorial Standards. As of January 1, 2010, the certification tests will be based on the new 2009 standards.

Anyone using Volume 1 to prepare for the Editors' Association of Canada certification tests must also consult the 2009 Professional Editorial Standards and the current policy document, which are both available as free downloads.

Four new study guides based on the revised standards are currently being developed. The first two (Proofreading and Copy Editing) will be available in June 2010, and the remaining study guides will be available in 2011 (Stylistic Editing) and 2012 (Structural Editing). Until the new study guides are released, we continue to offer this four-volume set based on the 1999 edition of Professional Editorial Standards, which still serves as an excellent study companion in preparing for the certification tests.

To learn more about the changes to Editors' Association of Canada certification program, visit www.editors.ca/certification/changesahead.html.

    This study guide offers you:

  • Detailed answer key for the test, with markers’ comments, so you can assess your performance

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The Editors’ Association of Canada produces this study guide as a service to their members and to the publishing community. To learn more about the Editors’ Association of Canada, visit www.editors.ca