Varieties of Theoretical Psychology - ISTP 2007
International Philosophical and Practical Concerns

Thomas Teo, Paul Stenner, Alexandra Rutherford, (Eds.)

Captus University Publications, ISBN 978-1-55322-206-4 (2009)
422 pages, 760 g, 7 X 10, $49.50 (US$39.50)

This edited, selected, and peer-reviewed collection of chapters represents theoretical discussions in psychology as they are developed throughout the world. The book encompasses a variety of ontological, epistemological, ethical-political, practical, meta-theoretical, and historical projects by international experts in this area of research. The reader interested in the development of theoretical psychology in an international context will benefit from the varieties of reflection at play in the now established field of theoretical psychology.

Featuring a vast array of material, the diversity of the submissions gives insight into the variety of theoretical approaches produced by psychologists around the world.

The book is divided into five sections:

  • Ontological Reflections: Discusses the proper subject matter of psychology, the models for representing human mental life, metaphors for understanding human subjectivity, and theories of the human mind or of human nature in general.
  • Epistemological Concerns: Addresses the status and development of knowledge in the discipline and include methodological questions.
  • Ethical-Practical Promises: Includes reflections regarding what is good and what works in psychology.
  • Metatheoretical Problems: Refers to the issues that stem from specific theories within psychological research programs such as psychoanalysis.
  • Historical-Philosophical Discussions: Presents studies that reflect upon historiography and on historical works and figures relevant to theoretical psychology.

Varieties of Theoretical Psychology will provide both senior and junior researchers with theoretical satisfaction when discussing the philosophical and practical concerns expressed in the book.

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KeyNote Address

The Holy Grail of Universality 

Kurt Danziger

OntologiCAl Reflections

Constitutive Interactivity and the Ontology of Psychological Kinds

Jeff Sugarman

The Hermeneutic Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur and the Case for a
Dialogical Relational Ontology

James M. Nelson

Mimesis and Hermeneutics: René Girard and Theoretical Psychology

Frank C. Richardson

Body/Other: The Body as ‘Smudge’?

Clifford van Ommen

“Genderless” Subjects in Cognitive Science: Physicalism in the
Transgender World

María Botero

Complexity Theory, Critical Realism, and the Crisis in Psychology

Jason R. Goertzen

Psychology is dead. Long live psychology! The Possibility of a
Post-Critical Psychology

Cor Baerveldt


Extending the Subject? Externalism and the Grounds for Knowledge

Huib Looren de Jong

Eastern Epistemology and the Psychology of the Subjective Self

Tsuneo Watanabe

Conceptual Confusions in Understanding Human Action and Experience

Wolfgang Maiers

Transdisciplinarity and Transnationalization [in (theoretical) psychology]:
Blurring or Redefining Boundaries and Identities (or else)?

Aydan Gulerce

Stretching Detection: The Unique Selling Point of Embodied Cognitive

Stephen R. Hill

On Embodied Experience and Embodiment of the Socio-Cultural:
Toward an Integrative Theory of Psychology

Jane Cherrington & John Kaye


Prototypes for the Ethics of a Democratic Social Engineering

Morten Nissen

From Philosophy to Psychotherapy via Theoretical Psychology:
An Example of the Value of a Transdisciplinary Approach

Edwin L. Hersch

Agency in Genetic Counselling: A Framework for Evaluating Autonomy

Kieran O’Doherty

The Development of a Personal Conduct of Life in Childhood

Ole Dreier

Theorizing Mothering in the Context of Intimate Partner Violence

H. Lorraine Radtke

The Discourses of Resilience, ‘Enculturation’ and Identity in
Aboriginal Mental Health Research

Tara L. Holton, Gregory M. Brass, & Laurence J. Kirmayer

Entry into the World of Psychological Theory Building: Examples
from South African Experience

Martin Terre Blanche, Vasi Van Deventer, Eduard Fourie & Puleng Segalo

Prejudice Against the Poor: A Way of Depoliticizing Poverty

Aysel Kayaoğlu

Global Cultural Horizons and the Theoretical Discourse on Trauma

Lisa Tsoi Hoshmand

Self-stigmatization in Former Prisoner Narratives

Charlotte Mathiassen

The Affluent Psyche: European Representations of African Poverty

Eri Park


Culture as Psychology’s Other: A Deleuzian Critique of the
Psychological Objectification of Culture

Rune L. Mølbak

Identity without Corporeality: On the Gendered Psychology
of a Re-Presented Socio-Sexual Community

Ajnesh Prasad

Games People Play: A Psychoanalytic Perspective on
Online Identity and Relationships

Jennifer Jamieson Bortle

On the Psychological Recovery of the Durkheimian Project:
The Case of Ignace Mayerson and Maurice Halbwachs

Noemí Pizarroso & Jorge Castro Tejerina

Jungian Archetypes and Evolutionary Psychology

William E. Smythe & Greta C. Chan

Lacan with Vygotsky: Politzer and Concrete Psychology

William Roper

The Notion of Discourse: Beyond Thought and Language

Andrés Haye & Antonia Larraín

Materiality Matters: Reinterpreting the Dialogical Self along
Bakhtinian Lines

James Cresswell & Cor Baerveldt

Some Current Cultural Strategies Used to Mitigate the Tension
Between American Democratic Values and Biological Approaches to

Suzanne R. Kirschner

A Non-Cognitive Alternative for the Study of Cognition:
An Interbehavioral Proposal

Camilo Hurtado-Parrado


A Theoretical Reconstruction of Wundt’s Psychology

Hans van Rappard

Aspects of Wittgenstein’s Psychological Concepts

Jay Kosegarten & Gary Kose

“The mechanism through which conscious value and meaning are
introduced into human experience”: Clashing Visions of Psychology
in the Work of John Dewey and Edward Thorndike

Dane Burns & Henderikus J. Stam

The Representation of History in an Increasingly Globalised World:
Aesthetical and Moral Aspects in Giving Accounts of the Past

Ignacio Brescó & Alberto Rosa


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