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Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Peoples and Resource Development in Canada
Robert Bone & Robert Anderson (Eds.)    
ISBN 978-1-55322-351-1 (2017)
$59.75 (US$47.80)


Accounting and Finance

Planning to Borrow, Revised edition
A Practical Guide to Consumer Lending Practices in Canada

Steve Bang    
ISBN 978-1-55322-373-3 (2018)
$38.75 (US$31.00)


Education and Vocations

Effective Case Analysis
Techniques for Success in Case-based Learning and Examinations

Alan J. Richardson    
ISBN 978-1-55322-280-4 (2013)
$23.95 (US$23.95)


Health and Disability Studies

Pathways to Inclusion, 3e
Building a New Story with People and Communities

John Lord & Peggy Hutchison    
ISBN 978-1-55322-353-5 (2017)
$39.50 (US$31.60)



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Law and Legal Studies

Families and the Law, Second Edition
Cases and Commentary

Mary Jane Mossman, Natasha Bakht, Vanessa Gruben, & Karen Pearlston  
ISBN 978-1-55322-333-7 (2015)
$95.50 (US$76.50)


Just Between the Law and Us: Volume I, 2e
Canadian Legal Studies Series

Neil Sargent & Logan Atkinson (Eds.)    
ISBN 978-1-55322-348-1 (2016)
$47.00 (US$37.60)


Paralegals and Tribunal Practice and Procedure, 3e
Irv Ash    
ISBN 978-1-55322-297-2 (2016)
$62.00 (US$49.50)



Dialogue and Debate in the Making of Theoretical Psychology - ISTP 2013
James Cresswell, Andrés Haye, & Antonia Larraín,
ISBN 978-1-55322-328-3 (2015)
$54.50 (US$43.50)