Health Care, Rehabilitation and Social Issues
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A World of Communities
Participatory Research Perspectives

James S. Frideres   (Ed.)
ISBN 978-0-921801-89-4 (1992)
$22.00 (US$22.00)


Adults with Down Syndrome
Together, We Can Do It

Patricia Lawrence, Roy Brown, Josephine Mills, 
ISBN 978-1-895712-28-5 (1993)
$12.00 (US$12.00)


Alzheimer Disease and Aggression
A Guide for Caregivers

Michael Stones, Jennifer Ghent-Fuller, Michael Bell, 
ISBN 978-1-896691-35-0 (1997)
$14.95 (US$14.95)


Appreciative Disability Studies
Mary Ann McColl    
ISBN 978-1-55322-383-2 (2019)
$70.75 (US$56.60)


Assessing Group Dynamics, 3e
Hedley Dimock, Irene Devine   
ISBN 978-1-896691-19-0 (1997)
$7.50 (US$7.50)


Behavioural and Social Rehabilitation and Training, 2e
Roy Brown, Anne Hughson   
ISBN 978-1-895712-24-7 (1993)
$26.00 (US$26.00)


Beyond Basic Care
Special Education and Community Rehabilitation in Low Income Countries

Roy I. Brown, David Baine, Aldred H. Neufeldt (Eds.)
ISBN 978-0-921801-95-5 (1996)
$36.00 (US$28.80)


Comment observer votre groupe
Hedley Dimock, Raye Kass, Nadine Larivière  
ISBN 978-1-55322-208-8 (2010)
$12.00 (US$12.00)


Comparative Health Administration, 2e
Janice Nicholson   (Ed.)
ISBN 978-1-895712-59-9 (1996)
$34.00 (US$27.20)


Dimock Series of Books on Groups
Hedley Dimock, Irene Devine, Raye Kass  
ISBN N/A; Series001 (1992-2004)
$N/A (US$999.00)


Disability and Self-directed Employment
Business Development Models

Aldred Neufeldt, Alison L. Albright  (Eds.)
ISBN 978-1-896691-21-3 (1998)
$17.50 (US$17.50)


Disability and Social Policy in Canada, 2e
Mary Ann McColl, Lyn Jongbloed  (Eds.)
ISBN 978-1-55322-128-9 (2006)
$54.50 (US$43.50)


Empowerment and Developmental Handicaps
Choices and Quality of Life

Roy I. Brown, Max B. Bayer, Patricia M. Brown  
ISBN 978-0-921801-91-7 (1992)
$19.00 (US$19.00)


Health Risks from Exposure to Mineral Fibres
An International Perspective

Graham W. Gibbs, Jacques Dunnigan, Masamitsu Kido & Toshiaki Higashi (Eds.)
ISBN 978-1-895712-14-8 (1993)
$45.00 (US$36.00)


Home Care ... A love affair
Daphne Nahmiash, Frédéric Lesemann, with Sonia Ananda  
ISBN 978-1-895712-22-3 (1993)
$15.95 (US$15.95)


How to Observe Your Group, 4e
Hedley Dimock, Raye Kass   
ISBN 978-1-55322-137-1 (2007)
$12.00 (US$12.00)


In Pursuit of Equal Participation
Canada and Disability at Home and Abroad

Henry Enns, Aldred H. Neufeldt  (Eds.)
ISBN 978-1-55322-056-5 (2003)
$43.50 (US$34.75)


Intervention and Empowerment
Helping Organizations to Change

Hedley Dimock    
ISBN 978-1-895712-00-1 (1992)
$7.50 (US$7.50)


Leading and Managing Dynamic Groups, 4e
Hedley Dimock, Raye Kass   
ISBN 978-1-55322-180-7 (2008)
$14.50 (US$14.50)


Making Equality
History of Advocacy and Persons with Disabilities in Canada

Deborah Stienstra, Aileen Wight-Felske  (Eds.)
ISBN 978-1-55322-074-9 (2003)
$41.50 (US$33.25)


Occupational Health Services in Canada Through The Year 2000
Proceedings of a conference organized by the Canadian Occupational Health Association November 1986

G.W. Gibbs, J. Markham  (Eds.)
ISBN 978-0-921801-20-7 (1988)
$22.25 (US$22.25)


Outcome-based Program Development and Evaluation
Hedley Dimock    
ISBN 978-1-55322-083-1 (2004)
$7.50 (US$7.50)


Pathways to Inclusion, 3e
Building a New Story with People and Communities

John Lord & Peggy Hutchison    
ISBN 978-1-55322-353-5 (2017)
$39.50 (US$31.60)


Rehabilitation Questionnaire (with Manual)
A Personal Guide to the Individual's Quality of Life (1 manual and 10 sets of questionnaire)

Roy I. Brown, Max B. Bayer   
ISBN 978-1-895712-06-3 (1992)
$28.75 (US$28.75)


Seeing Beyond the Trees
The Social Dimensions of Aboriginal Forest Management

David C. Natcher   (Ed.)
ISBN 978-1-55322-178-4 (2008)
$33.50 (US$26.80)


Sex May be Wasted on the Young, 2e
For Boomers and Beyond

Lee Stones, Michael Stones   
ISBN 978-1-55322-065-7 (2004)
$19.50 (US$19.50)


Sharing the Love That Frees Us
A Spiritual Awakening from the Struggles of Addiction and Abuse

Wilfred A. Gallant    
ISBN 978-0-921801-99-3 (1992)
$22.25 (US$22.25)


Simplified Guide to Program Evaluation, A (Rev'd Edition)
Hedley Dimock    
ISBN 978-1-896691-48-0 (1997)
$7.50 (US$7.50)


The Breaking of the Stone
A Phenomenological Study of One Woman's Journey with Life Threatening Illness

Barbara Ferguson    
ISBN 978-1-895712-60-5 (1995)
$12.00 (US$12.00)


Training for Planned Change, 3e
Hedley Dimock, Irene Devine   
ISBN 978-1-895712-74-2 (1995)
$7.50 (US$7.50)


When Seniors Are Abused
A Guide to Intervention

Myrna Reis, Daphne Nahmiash   
ISBN 978-1-895712-84-1 (1995)
$14.00 (US$14.00)