Introduction to Business and Management

Len Karakowsky

To survive and prosper in today's business world requires an understanding of the broader issues that organizations face - the social, political and economic environment within which they operate. The fundamental aim of this course is to help you better understand the nature of organizations, how they are managed, and how they must deal with challenging, contemporary issues. Whether you are a student or professional, "business-type" or "non-business type", examining the nature of organizations and how they operate means that you are also developing a greater awareness of issues that affect every day life.

Multimedia Internet Content Includes:

Listening to approximately 12 hours of multimedia lectures with audio and illustrative graphics
Reading lecture highlights
Using the Course Kit online
Performing interactive assignments and online progress quizzes
Downloading PowerPoint lecture slides for easy note taking
Participating in a Discussion Group with other students and an instructor to earn participation grades, share information, and discuss course content