Racism, Eh? is the first publication that examines racism within the broad Canadian context. It focuses fundamentally on two key aspects of identity or identification – race and nationality – and the complex ways in which they intersect.

Inter-disciplinary in nature, this anthology brings together many of the visionaries seeking to illuminate the topics of race and racism in Canada. Through their analyses of historical and contemporary issues, race and racism are addressed as both physical and psychological phenomena.

This book is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as academics who are studying or practicing within Humanities and the Social Sciences. Anyone searching for information on what has been a little-explored and poorly-understood Canadian issue will also find Racism, Eh? an invaluable resource.

Racism Eh? is ideal for courses in Racial and Ethnic Relations, Cultural Diversity, and Multiculturalism in departments of Sociology, Ethnic Studies, Political Science, Law, Education, Visual Culture and Art History.
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Praise for Racism, Eh?

"The most powerful aspect of this Anthology, and the one which therefore generated an immense pleasure, was the complexity of Black Canadian experience. There is a huge absence  in Canadian anti-racist writing with respect to Black peoples, and this anthology begins to address this lack in a serious manner."

Bonita Lawrence
Assistant Professor, Women's Studies Department, Queen's University, Kingston, ON

"The reader will gain enormously from the experiences and topics included in this Anthology."

Donald F. Andrus
Professor Emeritus of Art History
Concordia University, Montreal, PQ







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