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  Aboriginal Entrepreneurship and Business Development
Robert Anderson


  Aboriginal Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Canada
Katherine Beaty Chiste

Print Version Available Only.
Please contact for more information or to request the Instructor's Manual.


  Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
John Parkinson with Charles Draimin


  Advanced Financial Accounting
John C.C. Macintosh



  Becoming a Certified Financial Planner in Canada
Alan Goldhar



  Business History: Canada in the Global Community, 2nd Ed.
John Dwyer

Print Version Available Only.
Please contact for more information or to request the Instructor's Manual.


Canada and the New World Economic Order: Strategic Briefings for Canadian Enterprise Series
Tom Wesson (Ed.)



  Case Studies in Public Management and Administration
James C. Simeon



  Critical Thinking for Business Students
Linda Dyer



  Current Trends and Traditions in Management Accounting Case Analysis
Gary Spraakman



  Effective Case Analysis
Alan Richardson 



  Environmental Law and Policy in the Canadian Context
Allan Greenbaum, Alex Wellington



  Families and the Law
Mary Jane Mossman, Natasha Bakht, Vanessa Gruben, Karen Pearlston



  Fundamentals of Economics for Business
David Barrows, John Smithin



  Industrial Relations, The Economy and Society
John Godard



  Introduction to Law in Canada
Laurence Olivo (Ed.)



  Organizational Behaviour: Canadian Cases and Exercises
Randy Hoffman & Fred Ruemper



  Paralegals and Tribunal Practice and Procedure
Irv Ash



  Personal Financial Planning, 5e
Kwok Ho & Chris Robinson



  Personal Financial Planning, US Ed.
Kwok Ho, Grady Perdue, Chris Robinson


  Planning to Borrow
Steve Bang




  Retirement and Estate Planning in Canada, 3e
Coleen Clark


  Risk Management and Insurance in Canada
Coleen Clark

  Small Claims Court Practice and Procedure in Ontario, 3e
Laurence Olivo, DeeAnn Gonsalves


  The Strategic Challenge: From Serfdom to Surfing in the Global Village
Charles McMillan
  Urban Biodiversity: Exploring Natural Habitat and its Value in Cities
Valentin Schaefer, Hillary Rudd, Jamie Vala