Thank you for considering Captus Press for your publishing project. We welcome innovative proposals that add new educational content and diversity to our publishing program and would be pleased to consider the publication of your textbook. Our experienced and meticulous staff will ensure that your book is given due consideration and, if accepted, published to an exacting professional standard.

Our textbook publishing program is focused on the following subjects:

We can provide instructors with custom editions of our books (i.e. Introduction to Law in Canada) to suit their courses. In fact, customized editions as small as 100 copies can be professionally printed and bound from 'camera-ready' originals, eliminating the confusion, inconvenience and uneven quality of duplicated lecture notes and supplementary material.

For more information on the variety of textbooks published at Captus, please consult our Current Catalogue

A Note to Our Prospective Authors/Editors:  
    Editorial Policy
We publish professional books, textbooks, academic works, course manuals and related materials under the Captus Press imprint.

Scholarly books, which are submitted to us for peer review prior to publication, may be published under Captus University Publications (formerly University Press of Canada), our imprint for scholarly works.

Our editorial policy is to assist authors and editors in the development of their books, with emphasis on materials for post-secondary education and the practicing professional market. We also provide publishing services for conference proceedings, journals and other publications not under our publishing imprint.

* All unsolicited material sent in hard copy must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE), if you wish your manuscript to be returned to you.

The Author/Editor Questionnaire
Captus Press requires that an Author/Editor Questionnaire be completed in order to determine the feasibility of your project. We will contact you with our initial assessment and offer publishing suggestions. We may also wish to review sample chapters that would assist us in confirming the acceptance of your project for publication.

If you would like us to consider your manuscript for the Captus University Publications imprint, we will require the entire work for submission to external academic reviewers.

You may submit the Questionnaire electronically using our form or via email.

Please contact Jason Wormald (Production/Acquisitions) at Info@captus.com for more information.

  Marketing and Promotion
Once published, we will market your work (except course-specific texts that are not suitable for broader distribution) through direct sales, insert and journal advertising, direct mail, and web advertising; while international promotions and distribution will be brokered through co-publications or distribution agreements with international publishers.
  Internet Learning
Should your project involve the development and distribution of instructional online courses, we have professional programmers available to assist you. Please supply us with the details of your online course proposal, if you wish to consider such assistance. To view our current projects, see the section entitled Online Learning Resources.'

Lead Time and Quantities for Custom Editions and Course-specific Texts
In general, we need between four weeks and four months to produce a book to a professional standard, depending upon the format supplied, the length of the work, and our workload. If your book is to be a text for a specific course, we require an estimate of the number of copies that will be needed. Generally, a feasible print run for these books is 200 copies or more. Contact us to inquire about what we can do for your special situation.